MAP4C Grade 12 - College/University (Foundations for College Mathematics)

Authors: Andrew, Jess, Alex, Liz (2010); Allison and Angela (2012), Stephanie, Lauren and Denise (2013)

Ministry Guidelines

Curriculum Expectations for this course are on Page 135
  • Strand A: Mathematical Models p.137
  • Strand B: Personal Finance p.140
  • Strand C: Geometry and Trigonometry p.142
  • Strand D: Data Management p.144

Key Topics

Table of Conttents: Mathematics 12: Preparing for College & Apprenticeship
  1. Trigonometry
  2. Problem Solving with Measurement
  3. Geometry in Design
  4. Single-Variable Statistics
  5. Two-Variable Statistics
  6. Interpreting and Analysing Data
  7. Exploring Quadratic Models
  8. Interpreting Graphical and Algebraic Model

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