MCR3U Grade 11 - University (Functions)

Authors: Lisa, Amy L., Brian L.(2010) Shaukat & Suganya (2012)

Ministry Guidelines

Go to this document to find the curriculum expectations of Grade 11 University Functions.

Key Concepts

Nelson Functions 11 - Table of Contents
Addison-Wesley Functions and Relations 11
  1. Introduction to Functions
  2. Equivalent Algebraic Expressions
  3. Quadratic Functions
  4. Exponential Functions
  5. Trignometric Ratios
  6. Sinusoidal Functions
  7. Discrete Functions (Series and Sequences)
  8. Discrete Functions: Financial Applications

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Course Outline for Functions 11
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Video Podcasts


  • Grade 11 Math help videos with step-by-step solutions
Exam Review
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  • This link provides you with screencast tutorials on different Functions concepts. Great source to provide your students with for extra practice
  • Printable PDF that can be provided to students as exam review.
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Teacher Webpages

Mr. Santowski's Math Page
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UOIT Teacher Candidates - Grade 11 Functions Videos
  • Videos that reviews different Grade 11 Function topics (e.g. Complex numbers, arithmetic sequence, etc.)
Mr. Sweeny's Course Wiki
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  • Only good for the ready made reviews
Useful Exam reviews, with an year outline
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Year outline with some detail
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Virtual High School Page
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Lesson Ideas