MCF3M Grade 11 - University/College (Functions & Applications)

Authors: Greg & Nadine (2010), Zahid & Matthew (2012), Alisa & Sylvia (2013)

Ministry Guidelines for the Course

MCF3M Ministry Guidelines
  • Functions and Applications Grade 11 University/College Preparation
  • Gives the overall and specific expectations that need to be taught throughout the course
  • Specific Expectations of Key Topics
  • Curriculum Correlation between McGraw-Hill Ryerson: Functions and Applications 11
  • It links specific curriculum expectations to sections of the textbook

Key Topics

  1. Quadratic Functions
  2. Factor Quadratic Functions
  3. Represent Quadratic Functions
  4. Trigonometry
  5. Sine Functions
  6. Exponential Functions
  7. Compound Interest
  8. Annuities

Sample Course Outlines

Sample Course Outline
  • Based on Jarvis Collegiate Institute, TDSB, 2009-2010
  • Includes course description, # of periods per strand, Learning Skills, Assessment Strategies, and Mark Breakdown
Generic Course Outline
  • It is based virtually on any high school in Ontario
  • Includes an achievement chart for different grading levels (1-4 with percentages)

Course Outline
  • Cardinal Carter Catholic High School Course Information Sheet
  • Includes course description, expectations, units & time lines and assessment breakdown.
Course Outline
  • Ontario Online Academy course outline for Functions and applications.
  • Includes unit breakdown, mark breakdown, skill category breakdown and video overview.

Video Podcasts

  1. Quadratic Functions
    Resource: 101 uses of a quadratic equation
    Resource: Why Quadratics?
    Video: Graphing Quadratic Equations (3:11)

  2. Factor Quadratic Expressions
    Resource: Factoring Quadratics
    Includes methods for simple cases,examples, and the general solution
    The website also includes 12 questions to work on with hints along the way
    Video: Factoring Quadratic Expressions (16:30)
    Video: Solving a Quadratic by Factoring

  3. Represent Quadratic Functions
    Resource: Quadratic Functions
    Video: Quadratic Formula Song Rockford Christian (0:32)

  4. Trigonometry
    Resource: Law of Sines and Law of Cosines

  5. Sine Functions
    Resource: Sine Wave Geometry
    Resource: Trigonometric Functions

  6. Exponential Functions
    Resource: Paper folding and exponential functions
    Video: Introduction to Exponential Functions (6:56)
    Video: Graphing Exponential Functions (5:32)

  1. Compound Interest
    Resource: Compound Interest
    Video: Introduction to Compound Interest and e (10:10)

  2. Annuities
    Resource: Annuity Overview
    Video: Annuities: Annuity due and finding future value (9:54)
    Video: Basics of Annuities (4:54)

Useful Websites

  • Grade 11 Mat help videos with step-by-step solutions

Teacher Webpages

Mrs.Chiarelli Webpage for MCF3M
  • Lesson activities (notes, worksheets, etc.) have been posteed
  • Includes unit plans with projected assessment dates, which can be useful for a new teacher looking to structure their course
Mrs. Olga Sediako for MCF3M
  • Has worksheets, lesson plans, and homework problems
Mr. Linesman Webpage for Brookfield High School
  • Has quizzes, handouts, and homework problems

Mr. MacLeod's Homepage for York Catholic District School Board
  • Has course outline, homework problems, worksheets & quizzes

Lesson Plan Ideas

Lesson Plans Grade 11
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