MFM1P Grade 9 - Applied (Foundations of Mathematics)

Authors: Michelle B., Doina, Julian (2010) Derek G, Carly H (2012), Ted, Kelly, Shima (2013)

Ministry Guidelines

Ontario Curriculum

Key Topics

  1. Applying Number Sense
  2. Perimeter and Area Relationships
  3. Surface Area and Volume Relationships
  4. Analyzing Relationship with Data
  5. Exploring Integers and Rational Numbers
  6. Linear and Non Linear Relationships
  7. Analyzing Linear Relations
  8. Applying Exponents
  9. Exploring Polynomials
  10. Modelling with Equations
  11. Exploring Geometric Relations

Sample Course Outlines

Video Podcasts

  • Video series -created by faculty and students of UOIT for grade 9 applied students.


  • StudyPug - Grade 9 Math help videos
  • TIPS4RM - created by the Ministry of Education of Ontario, has sample Unit Plans including full daily Lesson Plans
  • Edutopia - a library of Blogs, Articles and Videos on strategies and issues surrounding education
  • Wired Math - a library of games and interactive activities broken down in each unit
  • Webquest - a library of different lesson plans and activities for a number of different courses and grades

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