Grade 7 Mathematics

Bryan , Justin , Sean , Kelly , Diana , Stephanie , Stefan , K.V. , Joe Anne , Caroline , Alisa , Ted , Nabgha , Jacob , Lukasz (2013)

Ministry Guidelines

Ontario Curriculum

Key Topics

Math Makes Sense 7
  1. Patterns in Whole Numbers
  2. Ratio and Rate
  3. Geometry and Measurement
  4. Fractions and Decimals
  5. Data Management
  6. Measuring Perimeter and Area
  7. Geometry
  8. Working with Percents
  9. Integers
  10. Patterning and Algebra
  11. Probability

Sample Course Outlines

Lesson Ideas
(OERB resources accessible at this site, but you need your own log-in password)
  • Fractions and Decimal - OERB ID: ELO1321350
    Interactive demonstration and class-activity about changing between fractions and decimals
  • Integers Overview - OERB ID: ELO1402940
    Integers unit; includes lessons for multiple days of the unit, as well as hand-outs, and other resources
  • Geometry and Spatial Sense - OERB ID: ELO1322190
    Investigating Dilatation Using a Variety of Tools. A SmartBoard presentation with attached PDF and Word Doc of the corresponding lesson plan. Includes student interactive exercises to be integrated into the lesson.
  • Solving Algebraic Equations - OERB ID: ELO1319920
    Solving linear equations complete with small group activities, teacher directed questions, and reference notes
  • Solving Equations - Lesson found on Ontario Association for Mathematics Education.
    Students will be able to model linear relationships verbally, numerically, algebraically and graphically; understand the concept of a variable; and solve simple algebraic equations using inspection, guess and check, concrete materials, and calculators.

Useful Technology Tools

  • StudyPug
    Grade 7 Math help videos with step-by-step solutions.
  • **IXL Grade 7 Math Practice**

  • This is a useful website that has a variety of interactive questions and problems relating to all the strands and expectations of the grade 7 curriculum.
  • Math Gizmos
    This website has interactive tools (gizmos). Each tool allows students to manipulate the gizmo to see its effects (e.g. change fraction quantities to see change in ratio of coloured tiles/non-coloured tiles)

Video Podcasts

  • Strand 1: Number Sense and Numeration: Writing Out A Decimal In Words
    Khan chooses an appropriate number (with tenths, hundredths, and thousandths) and breaks it down by adding the words together. (twenty thousand + five tenths + seven hundredths). Example is highly effective because he does not reveal the full word, but rather guides the student towards coming up with the word.
  • Strand 2: Measurement: Area and Perimeter
    How to calculate perimeter and area of a square and rectangle
  • Strand 3: Geometry: Plotting on the Cartesian Plane
    This video shows how to plot a point on the Cartesian plane. It gives good step by step instructions
    Classifying Triangles (Gangam Style):
    A fun video about classifying different types of triangles. Students will enjoy the music and learn all about triangles.
  • Strand 4: Patterns: Equations of Sequence Patterns
    How to determine an algebraic equation for a given pattern
  • Strand 5: Data Management and Probability: Theoretical and Experimental Probability
    All work is done on a single screen, different examples are considered (probability of picking a certain dog breed out of a group of mixed dogs, probability of rolling a standard die and getting less than 3, probability of picking a coloured ball out of a basket of balls) - examples all have real-world applications, and explanations are as simple as possible.



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